Used the Wrong Cleaners? Here’s How to Restore Your Marble Countertop

Your marble countertops are the pride of your kitchen. You took a long time choosing the right material for your countertops and you finally landed on marble. Then you had to go through the process of finding the right color and pattern of marble to perfectly match your style. After all that work, you want your marble countertops to stay in pristine condition. But what happens when you don’t follow marble cleaning instructions and accidentally used the wrong cleaners? Here’s how to restore your marble countertop and get it looking as good as the day it was installed.

You can restore your marble countertop with these tips

Not Any Household Cleaning Product

The first thing to realize when you have marble countertops is that not any household cleaning product is going to be good for your marble or even work in the same way. Most common household cleaners will actually harm your marble countertops. This includes vinegar, ammonia, and bleach. Even some name brand cleaners can harm your marble countertops because they include these ingredients in their solution. These ingredients are too acidic and harsh for marble, therefore, when they come in contact with marble, they will corrode and eat away the shiny surface layer, leaving a dull, white spot. This corroding action is called “etching” and even acidic foods and drinks can etch your marble countertops

How to Restore your Marble Countertop

Thankfully, there is a way to restore your marble countertops and repair the etching that can occur. You can use etch remover and marble polishing products to restore the shine and color of your marble. These products are easy to use and works on most etching and scratches that your marble can endure. If, however, your marble countertop is too severely etched or damaged for etch remover and marble polisher to work, you may need professional help to restore your marble to its former glory. It’s rare that it will come to that point, and more often than not, etch removing and marble polishing products will do the trick. For more information on etch removing products, or if you are in need of professional marble help, call King’s Granite and Marble today at (713) 992-4326.