UV-Resistant Sealers – What It Means For Your Marble Countertops

Did you just install new marble countertops in your home? Having marble countertops is a simple, yet beautiful way to spruce up your home. With the many different patterns and colors of marble, you can create whatever look you want. But there’s more to it that just getting your marble countertops installed. You need to have them sealed using UV-resistant sealers.

The main job of stone sealers is to provide stain resistance, however, no sealer is impenetrable. A sealer gives more of a reaction time rather than being full on stain-proof, meaning that the sealer won’t last forever and your marble countertops will need to be periodically resealed. But what type of seal should you get?

UV-Resistant Sealers – What It Means For Your Marble Countertops

What are UV-resistant Sealers

You may not know this, but there are different types of sealers out there that have different functions. However, many sealers have a UV-resistant function. What this essentially means is that sealers, whether they are coating-type or penetrating, should be resistant to ultraviolet light. Sealers with UV-resistant functions should not yellow or deteriorate when exposed to ultraviolet lights.

What UV-resistant Sealers Mean for Your Marble

Marble is a very popular choice for kitchen countertops. Their durability and beauty make them an obvious choice when remodeling. However, many kitchens have windows and backdoors, exposing the kitchen to all kinds of light. The main source of light is from the sun which produces UV rays. UV rays can be harmful to your marble countertops without proper sealing. Think of your marble as your skin. UV rays cause your skin to burn if you go out unprotected. Now think of UV-resistant marble sealers as your sunscreen. You wouldn’t spend a large amount of time out in the sun without the protection of sunscreen, so don’t allow your marble countertops to go unprotected. UV-resistant sealers will protect your marble countertops from UV exposure and will help keep them looking good for years to come.

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