Due to the pandemic we have had to cancel the in-person retreat, however, we are providing weekly content on our Facebook Lives as well as our Thoughtful Thursday newsletters.

The I Am That Woman Movement is a health and wellness movement with inspiration, information, and events to help women in leadership experience personal and professional development. We provide a holistic approach for the mind, body and spirit to be revived, renewed, and restored. We provide our services through social media, community outreach and events and programs locally, nationally and internationally.

Ready to evolve your mind, heart, body and soul?

The IATW Retreat is an intimate event reserved for 150 women. We welcome women seeking to work up strategies for their second and third acts in life. So, register today and then sharpen your pencils as we prepare to help you sharpen the saw. Be ready to evolve fully for your next phase in life. But, don’t forget to bring your flip flops!